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 We Specialize in Creating Personalized Wellness Programs

that Integrate Advanced Health Science with

Time-Honored Practices

ICNS restores the natural balance your body requires for optimal health.

Are you struggling to find a healthcare professional that listens to you and understands your unique health and wellness needs? 

Sick and tired of not finding answers, not being heard and not feeling supported?  Our mission is to empower you to live to your maximum health potential!  

We focus on  Migraine, Metabolic Conditions, Healthy Aging, and Immune Health.   We want you to feel and be the best version of you for a lifetime.

ICNS provides you with expert analysis of your DNA, blood chemistry and gut microbiome testing, personalized nutrition programs guided by health professionals, and interactive health and nutrition education platforms. 


You can work with us using your laptop, tablet or smartphone, anytime, anywhere, using our secure HIPAA compliant telehealth system.  

Take the next step in your wellness journey with ICNS today and discover what you have been missing!

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