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Preferred Partners

ICNS' Preferred Partners provide the highest quality products and services.  These innovative products and services were selected to help you maximize your health and wellness potential. 

ICNS - Knowledge at your finger tips

Your Personal Supplier for Nutritional Supplements

For more than two decades, Nutrivene has been a leading provider of innovative, high quality nutrition products. Through the strength their Nutrivene and Longevity Science brands as well as other leading national brands, Nutrivene empowers health conscious individuals to lead healthier lives.  Use code ICNS to receive a 20% discount off your first order.

ICNS - Your Personal Health Resource

Your Personal Supplier for

Hemp & CBD Products

Purely Natural CBD provides the highest-quality, organically grown hemp-derived endocannabinoid system enhancing products to their customers.  Their diverse team of innovative experts share an unwavering commitment to providing industry-leading products grown and manufactured in the USA. Use code ICNS to receive 10% off all product orders and free shipping for orders over $99.  

ICNS - Health and Wellness Consulting

Preferred Partner for Epigenetic Testing

The DNAge® test detects epigenetic changes to determine biological age based on the aging clock built by UCLA professor Dr. Steve Horvath. Epigenetics is gene regulatory information layered on top of DNA.  The reversible and dynamic nature of epigenetic marks makes DNAge® an ideal test to monitor lifestyle interventions.

ICNS - Integrative Clinical Nutrition Solutions

Your Personal Compounding Pharmacy

Cornerstone Pharmacy provides complete consulting services and works with your doctor to develop compounded bio-identical hormone formulations for your unique health needs. While there are many reasons for using compounded prescription medications, perhaps the most important is that they are designed specifically for you.

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