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ICNS's Preferred Partner for Epigenetic Testing

Preferred Partner for Epigenetic Testing

What is the DNAgeTM® Test?


The DNAge® test detects epigenetic changes to determine biological age based on the aging clock built by UCLA professor Dr. Steve Horvath.  Epigenetics is gene regulatory information layered on top of DNA.  The reversible and dynamic nature of epigenetic marks makes DNAge® an ideal test to monitor lifestyle interventions. 


What is Epigenetics?


Your DNA isn’t your destination.  The reversible, dynamic nature of DNA methylation modifications (in contrast to genetic changes) make the DNAge® clock an ideal test to directly monitor lifestyle interventions. [1]


Do you know that your diet and lifestyle will affect your DNAge®?


A joint study of 11 universities shows that a diet rich in plants with moderate consumption of lean meats, low to moderate alcohol consumption, healthy levels of physical activity, and educational status all benefit your DNAge®. [2]


BMI:  Not Only A Number


The fact that obesity accelerates epigenetic aging of human liver tissue strongly suggests that BMI index and DNAge® may be significantly associated and become indicators of aging rate. [3]


1.  “Why Your DNA isn’t Your Destiny” Time, Wednesday, Jan. 06, 2010.

2.  Epigenetic clock analysis of diet, exercise, education and lifestyle factors.  Aging.  2017;9:419-46.

3.  Obesity accelerates epigenetic aging of human liver.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 111:15538-43.

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